Alice Through the Looking Glass (2016) 720p BRRip 1GB

Storyline: Alice returns to the whimsical world of Wonderland and travels back in time to help the Mad Hatter.

Alice Through the Looking Glass (2016) on IMDb

Movie Title: Alice Through the Looking Glass (2016)
Director: James Bobin
Stars: Mia Wasikowska, Johnny Depp, Helena Bonham Carter
Release Date: 27 May 2016 (USA)
Genres: Adventure, Family, Fantasy
Format: MatRoska (Mkv)
File Size: 1GB
Resolution: 1280x688
Runtime: 01:52:57
Language: English
Subtitles: English [Softcoded] - Muxed=
Encoder: MkvCage (MC) Team
Source: 720p.BluRay.x264-VETO

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    • You seen right. Typical fzn. A movie like this with heaps of detail and special effects deserves 1080p source, but yeah that’s fzn for ya. “FZN Ruining Mkvcage since 2016”

    • I tell you friend this is the beggining of the end for mkvcage. Just keep watching you see.

      • I admit, FZN is stubborn. I think it comes down to laziness. MAQ would download the 1080p source and create 720p and 1080p re-encodes for big movies like this. Instead, most people are going to look elsewhere for quick releases. I understand FZN’s reason for waiting for REMUX, but I still feel like encoding 720p to 720p is not getting the best quality possible and I used to always associate MkvCage with QUALITY.

        • Hey, explained earlier that 1080p comes out late and takes more time to encode, now if i post late you complain, if i use 720p source you complain. If you talk about Shaanig, he uses normal preset for encoding, we use very slow which takes a lot more time.

        • I appreciate that. No disrespect intended, I was just echoing what other people have mentioned. For me, I will always choose MkvCage as my #1. Carry on. 😉

        • Your too nice Grateful, i wish i had your patience but i don’t. We have all been more than patient enough with fzn. Everyone is over him. We shouldn’t have to all complain and constantly request movies that Maq would just post without hesitation. We are all used to the standards of mkvcage that’s why we all love mkvcage, but fzn simply does not care, he is just a fill in for Maq so he will never change unfortunately. If they don’t decrease the ads within a day or two i am going back to shaanig or whoever else. I really hate to say that and i never thought i would. I have had 3 popups just while typing this comment, plus the 2 popus you instantly get when first viewing the site. Its beyond ridiculous. ffs mkvcage what happened.

        • @MCFan – Hopefully MAQ will be back to full time in a couple of weeks and it’ll be back to normal. Luckily there hasn’t been too much I’ve been interested in lately (or I’ve seen everything already), so I can afford to be patient. There have been a couple times I had to get something from another site, but oh well. We can request stuff FZN missed when MAQ gets back.

          Regarding the pop-ups, I’m bombarded at every damn site I visit (lots of pirate sites). Everyone is trying to take advantage of me. 😛 I honestly don’t even notice them anymore, it’s like a reflex reaction; I close them the second they open. I’m the fastest pop-up blocker in the west. 😀

  1. It’s so frustrating to see some people be so demanding on some of your posts, so I just wanted to say I really appreciate the time and effort you put in to each upload!

  2. This site is now officially ruined because of the extreme ad popups. They are just after all the clickbait now. You will see less and less seeders for your torrents and eventually people won’t get fast download speed. Then its all over for mkvcage. Bad move admins real bad move, amateur move really. Such a shame.

      • Bahahah oh yeah okay bud, is that why i have already had about 5 popups and new pages opening up…..just from trying to leave 2 comments in this post alone. Yep clappedy clap clap to you ya twat.

  3. where is the first movie? you guys normally upload the first movie before the sequel. Would be nice to watch the first one but anyway thanx for the upload.

  4. hey FZN why you can’t keep your BluRay uploads like this pattern?
    download 1080p SPARKS Or FGT or whatever good 1080p source point is 1080p and encode 720p and 1080p using that source. see i hit 2 birds. and when release BLURAY REMUX encode 1080p rip with in AC3 audio.

    Standed 1080p source = 720p ( 1300KBPS, AAC 2CH 96 KBPS) MC encode.
    1080p (2500KBPS AAC 6CH 192 KBPS) MC encode.

    REMUX 1080p source = 1080p ( 2900+ KBPS, AC3 6CH 640 KBPS) MC encode.

    why you can’t understand this simple thing. you been mess up everything your self. nothing will happen any problem if your encodes keep this pattern. some one who agree with this pattern please vote “YES” or “NO” please FZN please publish this comment. if not i have to think you are cheating yours own fans.

    • …and then suddenly, everyone “standed” up and applaused another classic Darren SLOW comment. Nawww look he still thinks 1+1= a window.

  5. yeah darren im in at top. i really mess up with this FZN guy works. just look are we should to wait for get 1080p just 2 or 3 days? funny FZN. after MAQ gone this site went to the down. im using this site during 2 years. but i hope now i should leave from this site. until this crazy works over. besides i know its never over. till wait FZN. so im back when back MAQ. so im vote “YES”

    • Hey, i don’t like to confuse users therefore i wait for remux to come out, so it can be one and only 1080p ver. Hope you get my point.

      • so what doing 2? you could do both. 1080p normal 1080p REMUX. is it crime? oh no man.
        then why MAQ did both. tell me FZN.

        • Ask him, though i guess he doesn’t want you guys to wait 😛 And i think it’s better to post only one (that’s just me) cause i see many comments asking what’s the difference, which one to download, blah blah!

  6. when maq comes back full time he will clamp down on all the comments. only reason so many comments are getting through is because fzn is allowing them.which is a good thing if you ask me.

    • don’t give stupid talk @HOUDINI. admin should allows any comment. its don’t care about good or bad. it should allow. its human nature. blame , praising etc. good admin do that FZN is good admin. i wish you never become admin for any site.

      • @CANE. I think perhaps your a bit stupid. Did you see what I wrote at the end of my message. “WHICH IS A GOOD THING”. Hey don’t quit your day job as a speech therapist cane.

        • Oh hang on I better be exact, I wouldn’t want to confuse your fragile brain. I wrote “which is a good thing if you ask me”. You understand cane? Dumbass.

  7. IDK why everyone is so hard on FZN. Sure he’s not a MAQ, but you get this shit for free! Stop your whining and complaining and being downright assholes and move on if you don’t like what this site is providing you for FREE! Him and MAQ have more on the line legally making these movies available to the public than anyone of you leechers! Get a fucking life, quit your bitchin’, and just say thank you. You all are more drama queens than woman. Remember this is FREE!… And you beggars have absolutely no right to be choosers!

    • I agree. In the end, we’re getting all this shit for free. And if we don’t like it, we can move on to other sites. It doesn’t help anything to attack the site that we love and depend on for our entertainment. I know some of us are just trying to get the best quality possible, but I feel bad that FZN takes so much abuse from commenters.

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